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50/50 aka Hybrid Remap

Our Hybrid remaps are the most popular in our range. This is because it offers you the best of both worlds; more Power and more Economy. 


With our 50/50 remap, vehicles can see between 8-12% MPG savings as well as up to 40bhp and 65nm torque.


This remap is applied to Diesel engines and is ideal for work Vans, Taxis, Cars, Tractors and HGVs as it offers more pulling power whilst still increasing the MPG. It cannot be used on petrol vehicles.


This style of remap is ideal for vehicle that tow large weights, such as Caravans or trailers. The added Torque from the Performance Remap is ideal for transporting those large weights up hills. This coupled with the Economy makes it an ideal package for travelling long distances.