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With an Economy remap we aim to get the most MPG from your engine.


This style of remap is usually applied to Motorhomes, work Vans, company cars, diesel engines, Tractors and HGVs.


We increase the amount of Torque lower down the rev range meaning that there is less strain on the engine when accelerating. This also means you dont have to change gears as often, resulting in improved efficiency.


You will still experience an increase in power, but this is only low down the rev counter to maximize the MPG increase.


As with our other styles of remap, the additional strain on engine components is very low.


We usually apply Economy Remaps to vehicles when they have a DPF filter or EGR fault. In line with the remap we can offer a solution that can save even more MPG by shutting the EGR valve. This is one more way of getting more economy from your vehicles engine.




Economy Remap

Example of savings

Vehicle spends £500 per month on fuel




Saving of £75 per month/ £900 per year/ £2700 over three years