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Our Guarantee and T&Cs

We are dedicated to bringing you a quality product which you are fully satisfied.  However, please make sure that you read and understand the following points. If you are not happy with any of these, please make sure that you make us aware before we start the process.




All power, torque and mpg figures quoted are estimates. The figures we provide are the figures gained from the same vehicle as yours on a dyno after applying our software. If you dyno your vehicle after our remap without having a dyno before, then you must understand that, without an original figure, the final power output cannot be questioned.


The % gains quoted can differ from car to car. There are also many external factors that affect MPG figures, such as driving style, temperature etc. DK Tuning cannot be held responsible if your vehicle does not meet the expected MPG gains.


Any mechanical or electrical failure after a remap is carried out will not be linked to and is not the responsibility of DK Tuning. Remapping sometimes emphasises an issue already present in a vehicles engine. For example, whilst a vehicle may not have any known problems showing on a diagnostic check or the dashboard, it may, say, have a turbo approaching the end of its life. This will not be evident to the customer or to DK Tuning. Applying a remap may cause the turbo to fail sooner than it would have done anyway. There will be no refunds for any such problems after a remap.


In the extremely unlikely event of an ECU failure during the remap process, DK Tuning cannot be held responsible, as this could easily be due to a problem over which we have no control. For example, an existing fault within the ECU bought to the forefront by the process or, for example, an unexpected power fault.


The lifetime software warranty covers you for software re-installation. For example, if your vehicle software is reset to the original by a dealer or garage, then we will re-apply the remap free of charge. This is for the lifetime of the above vehicle.  However, this free service is only available once.  If your software is reset again after this, we can apply the remap for free, but labour costs would be incurred.


By submitting any form via this website you agree that your information may be shared with third party companies. In addition to this you also agree that your enquiry may be passed to one of DK Tuning's LTD sub dealers who use our files and support but have their own company name.