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Performance Remap

With a performance remap you will experience the potential of your engine. All engines are de-tuned when they come out of the factory as manufactures produce an engine to appeal to a world market.


This allows DK Tuning to get the maximum from your engine. Some cars can see an increase of 120hp and 150nm from a performance remap. With some diesels you will still see a small improvement in the MPG.


The performance remap can also improve the sound of your exhaust. This can be witnessed in the video on the left.


This style of remap will also improve the throttle response of the vehicle, making it feel more alive. The power will be instant, with a huge reduction of turbo lag or Automatic Gearbox lag.


With a performance remap, don’t be worried about engine components or shortening the life of your engine. As long as your car is well maintained and well serviced you shouldn't experience any issues after the remap.  


In addition to this, if your vehicle has got under 90,000 miles on the clock then we can offer you a 12 month Mechanical Warranty on your vehicle for the cost of £20.



A Mini Cooper S after a DK Tuning

Performance Remap