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Sub Dealer Opportunity

We are offering you the chance to become a sub dealer. You can have your own business name or go under the umbrella of DK Tuning as some of our other Sub Dealers have done.


In short we would supply you with a remapping tool and modify the files that you are taking from customers cars. We have a very good online system whereby once you take a ‘read’ from someone’s ECU you then send us the file via our online database, we modify it and send it back to you. You then download this new file and re-write the ECU.


Each remap takes between 30 minutes and 1 and a half hours and you will charge the customer between £250-300 for a remap.


We will provide you with as much training and support as you need to begin, completely free of charge. We will also offer free support whenever you need it talking you through an issues you have.


A breakdown of the costs are as follows:


Month 1: £800- this gives you a permeant loan of the tool and 6 tuning files

Every month after: £525- this gives you 6 tuning files (£87.50 each)


If you remap more than 6 cars (which you will be hopefully) then you can buy more files from us in bundles of 6 (£525), 14 (£1000), 25 (£1700).


Most of our sub dealers are averaging 35 cars a month.  If your charging customers £250 per remap then this is a turnover of £8,750 per month.


We also offer the following:


Social Media

•We have a really good understanding of Google Plus which is an essential tool when setting up your business. We can give you all the support you need with this and set one up for you too. Check out our Google Plus Page here. 

•Our knowledge around Facebook and how to utilize it to get work is excellent. We can teach you how to boost posts and Target an audience depending on what you are promoting. Check out and ‘like’ our Facebook Page here.  

•We can get you registered on lots of free business listing sites such as This is good as Google recognises this and gets you up the search rankings higher.

•Not really social media, but you will see the effort we go through to make the pictures of customers cars look incredible. We will give you access to a really good and simple image editor for free.


Normal Advertising

•We can supply you with banners, t shirts, custom made flyers, advertising boards, booklets etc etc. Anything you want really. And if you need help in designing it we can lend a hand and do it for you. All of the advertising materials you will see when you come down are custom designed in house.  


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