Our files are all custom made in house by our very own files team


We have a large network of dealers in the UK and Internationally. We provide a file service for slave or master users



We offer everything from suspension, exhausts, aftermarket engine parts and much more


We understand modifying your car can be confusing. We are here to answer as many questions, silly or not, as you like


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Custom ECU Tuning

Each file is custom created by our specialist team of file writers. We never use the same file twice as each vehicle is calibrated differently. This ensures your remap is a bespoke and 'one off' experience. 

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Vehicle Customisation

Its not just remapping DK Tuning specialises in, we also offer a full range of tuning packages and customisation. We can accommodate custom exhausts, induction kits, aftermarket parts and window tinting services

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Vehicle Wrapping

We also carry out visual customisation in the form of vehicle wraps, using only the highest quality film from HEXIS, TeckWrap and KPMF

These come with 3 year application warranties and 5 year wrap warranty. 

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About us

DK Tuning is one of the largest tuning companies in the U.K. remapping over 5,000 vehicles in the last few years alone and covering over 30 counties. Success has come from our passion for looking after our clients. 

"Make a customer, not a sale"

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