It's all about looking after the customer- Daniel, MD of DK Tuning LTD

For DK Tuning, the customer always comes first. We aim to give you the best service, from your first contact, the remap itself and aftercare.


We cater for many different vehicle types including Cars, Vans, Tractors, Motorhomes, HGVs and Boats. Our remapping service covers most makes and models. We can also supply remapping services for fleet vehicles.


We provide a mobile remapping service so this means we can come to your house or place of work. We operate across 25 counties operating from our 3 main bases. Wolverhampton (HQ), Nottingham and Slough, London. We operate in conjunction to our mechanical sister company, Kirk's Garage


Our re-mapping process enhances and optimises the power of the engine within safe limits, not beyond them. Extra power will also result in fewer gear changes, which might actually reduce overall wear. Manufacturers have to build in a tolerance for the parts in the engine to manage the effect of wear and tear, production variations, and to ensure their warranty claims during their warranty period, normally 3 years, are kept to a minimum.


Most race and rally engines are pushed for every last bhp, and thus they more common to fail, whilst normal car/van/lorry/tractor engines are limited back, well away from probability of multiple failures. Each individual engine is different as in how much it can be pushed in a remap, but a good remap from a quality tuner will never get close to the limits of component failure.


You will see that the top companies within the market place have all developed vehicle improvements to similar outputs. Beware of tuners who claim significantly more, it’s either lies hoping that the average customer wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, or the engine is being pushed too hard and will quickly become unreliable.

We run a number of project cars, previously we ran a 700+hp Mercedes E63 Bi-Turbo (video). We now run a race spec Mini Cooper S R53 (video) and have just bought a VW Golf R MK7 to turn into the fastest Golf R in the UK.